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MedSpa Services

All prices are estimates and may vary!

Prescription Weight Management
Starting at $350 for initial session
This program varies significantly based on weight loss and medical history. A plan unique to you will be developed. Initial session of $350 includes 1 month prescription and supplies as well as medical consultation, nutritional goals, an exercise plan, and four weekly lipotropic fat burning injections. You will have text message access to your clinician for as long as you remain on the plan. Based on your health history, it may be necessary to add some basic blood work at an additional, but low cost.

Botox $11/unit
Frontalis 12-20 units
Glabellar 20 - 30 units
Crows Feet 16-24 units
Inverted Smile 8 units
Lip Flip 8 units
Brow Lift 8 units
Gummy Smile 8 units
Masseters 20-30 units
Underarm Sweating 60-100 units

Dermal Filler
Lip Filler $575
Cheek Filler $675-1800
Nasolabial Fold Filler $575-1000
Chin and Jawline Filler $1600

Radiofrequency Microneedling
Full Face $175 or $450 for 3 sessions
Full Face and Neck $200 or $500 for 3 sessions
Full Face, Neck and Chest $250 or $600 for 3 sessions
Full Back $250 or $600 for 3 sessions

PDO Lifting Threads $575 and up
PDO Smooth Threads $200 and up (varies significantly per location)

Intravenous Vitamin Hydration
Vitamin C Immunity Drip $125
Biotin Beauty Drip $125
Myer's Drip $125
The Hangover $125
NAD+ (2hr) $250

Dermaplaning Facial $150

Chemical Peels Starting at $75

Prescription Skin Care $100

Laser Hair Removal
Full Legs or Full Back & Chest $250 per session or $1200 for 6 sessions
1/2 Legs or 1/2 Arms $150 per session or $750 for 6 sessions
Face, Hands & Feet, Bikini OR Under Arms $50 per session or $240 for 6 sessions
Brazilian, Chest& Abdomen, OR Back $150 per session or $750 for 6 sessions
Full Body $2600 for 6 sessions (no single session purchases of full body)

Lipotropic Injections
Lipo-Mino $10 or 8 for $60
MICC $10 or 8 for $60
B12 $8 or 8 for $50

Kybella (Chin Fat Dissolve)
$2400 for 3 sessions (no single session purchases)